You must send a request and have it approved by me before breeding takes place.
Only stallions are available to be bred to unless a heavy fee is paid for a lease of a mare.
Once a mare has been a approved you have exactly 7 days to post the information necessary to the vet or the foal will be a miscarriage and there will be no refund.
After the foal is born it must be reported to me with a correct URL to be placed on my stud's page.
If the foal's URL is changed it must be reported to me ASAP or you risk me reclaiming the foal.
Foal's should have the correct DOB so the youngest of the parents was at the age of 4 when the foal was born.
Stud fee's are due within 3 days of having a mare approved, if you fail to pay then the breeding will be denied and you will be blacklisted.

Details of this contract must be posted on the horse's page or I will reclaim the horse.
I have buyback and reclaiming rights.  Not following this contract will result in reclaiming.
Speed aging is not allowed.  Horses must have 4 years between their DOB and their parents' DOB.
Horses purchased from RPH must be used for showing or breeding.  If they are used for breeding you must remember that mares are only permitted to carry one (1) foal per real year.
The following are not permitted to be changed: names, heights, genders, colors, and birth dates.
Horses purchased from RPH can be imported into any game with a policy on importation and exportation.

All homebred horses must keep REP in front of their name.  No exceptions.

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