Welcome to Rematic Performance Horses.  Founded in June of 2011, participate in almost all disciplines.  We are proud to breed and train quality horses for our show string. Rematic Performance Horses is a fake site that participates in All-SIM.  No horses on this site are real.  

Note: All stallions, mares, and geldings are shown.  Broodmares are specifically for breeding.

 Rematic Performance Horses currently has horses entered in the following shows

The dates after the show name are when entries close, not run.

SAI's July Hunter Show (August 1st)

ASSHA July Shows (August 1st)

PHA Jully 2011 Show (August 1st)

RCHA July 2011 Classics (June 29th)

ASPA July 2011 Shows (August 1st)

 This site is for a SIM and is completely fake.


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